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Giving back

Our values include helping those in need

We take great satisfaction from giving, especially when we can help the young. We wish to see as many children as possible enjoy educational and developmental opportunities, irrespective of the material conditions they come from.

Turning good intentions into good deeds – Comp is no stranger to environmental action

Each year we broaden the scope of projects in which we encourage employees and clients to take part in environmental action and we gladly participate in projects initiated by them.

We have participated in the International E-Waste Day for the second consecutive year, but we were engaged in collecting such waste long prior joining that movement. As a company placing electronic goods on the market, we feel a duty to collect electronic waste including packaging and batteries. We not only meet all legal requirements from the moment of their implementation, we go well above and beyond.

Beata Aniszewska

Director of Administration, Comp S.A.

Small steps taken company-wide make a big difference

We seek to assure waste segregation when designing our work spaces, with solutions permanently in place at both of our Warsaw office buildings. We have replaced plastic tableware with biodegradables and plastic cutlery with cutlery made from wheat bran. And in our most recent interesting initiative, we asked our staff to select the theme of the annual corporate calendar with a majority opting for “The Beauty of Nature.”

Our branch in Nowy Sącz (Novitus) offers another example

We place a great deal of emphasis on utilizing the most environmentally neutral packaging for our devices. Optimization from the design stage to printing technologies makes them ecological without any loss of functionality. The smaller the box, the more goods you can carry in the supply vehicle. That cuts down our carbon footprint. The photovoltaic installation that we have installed on the roof of the Novitus headquarters secures a portion of the electricity needed for the functioning of the company.

Janusz Krupa

Director of the Novitus branch

We’re adding building blocks to the local ecosystem

We have joined the worldwide effort to save ecologically significant insects. One of the buildings at Comp’s Warsaw headquarters houses bee families and a similar endeavor is used at another group firm, Elzab. Each year we manage to collect as much as 100kg of honey.