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Special security & cryptography (Enigma SOI)

Our unit Enigma Information Security Systems cares for the continuity and reliability of information systems of strategic importance for the functioning of both state administration and business. We focus our activities primarily on the design and implementation of complex and demanding IT systems in information protection, authentication and authorization, electronic signature, biometrics and identity management. We primarily use our own proprietary hardware and software solutions in the projects we implement.

Special security

We provide information protection services based on knowledge unique to the Polish market. The field of ‘special security’, broadly understood, is core to our offered solutions, covering the full spectrum of hardware, applications, full architecture and implementation. The high quality of our cryptographic devices and applications is confirmed by over 40 certifications from Polish internal security services ABW and military counter-intelligence SKW for the processing of classified information from “Restricted” through “Confidential,” “Secret” and “Top secret” levels. IT systems based on Enigma’s cryptographic devices are marked with the CompCrypt brand and process information of particular importance for national security.

Corporate security

The most important element of all Enigma solutions is the guaranteed security of the systems and the information they process. The basic offer includes solutions for banks and financial institutions, telecoms, hospitals and health care units and transport systems. Enigma specialists draw on proprietary and third-party solutions, backed by many years of cooperation with leading global IT and telecom solution providers, to design and implement corporate security systems for ensured reliability.


We have many years of experience in creating application software. We design and implement complete IT systems developed to meet the needs of individual sectors or specific clients. We provide management support systems, anti-virus and anti-spam protection systems and e-mail systems, amongst many others. We use the latest programming technologies in creating new software and are prepared to integrate our products with top third-party solutions.

IT system integration

We offer complete, reliable and proven solutions tailored to the needs of the most demanding users. We design, implement and integrate all the necessary elements of the most technologically advanced IT systems. We base our offer on the highest quality equipment and applications from global IT leaders as well as the many years of experience of our own team of engineers. We carefully select technological partners for the projects we implement and constantly expand the scope of our employees’ qualifications.

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