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Comp Academy

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We offer an opportunity for a better start in the future

The period of secondary, and even primary, education, is an excellent opportunity to acquire the skills that are useful in the future professional career. In some families, the opportunity to develop the interests and passion of children and adolescents is limited for various reasons. That is why we have created the “Comp Academy”. It is a programme aimed at creating equal opportunities for children and adolescents from impoverished background through offering additional IT activities that develop key competences in the IT market. In order to achieve this objective, we are supported by the “Charytatywni” Foundation, the main focus of which is to provide all kinds of assistance to those in need, including children from the poorer backgrounds.


The first edition of the “Comp Academy” ended

In June and July, 15 talented and committed young people took part in the following programming courses:

  1. “Young Game Creator in Roblox” for children aged 7-12
  2. “Website Creator” for the 13-19 age group
  3. “Raster Graphics” for the 13-19 age group

Apart from the resources for equipment, we also have helped to modernise the premises where classes are taking place in Wrocław.

We continue to offer programming courses in the second edition of the Comp Academy”

November and December 2021 is the time when the persons under the care of the “Charytatywni” Foundation took part in the programming course “Website Creator”. As in the first edition of the Academy, we have devoted adequate resources to the purchase of computer equipment that enables children to learn and access knowledge and technology.

We are helping Ukrainian children to return to normality

The third edition of the Comp Academy is a campaign aimed at restoring Ukrainian children’s normal functioning. We want to give children the opportunity to return to their homes, study in Ukrainian schools in Ukrainian according to the former mode and under the care of their teachers. Therefore, in June, during a meeting with the President of the “Charytatywni” Foundation, Anna Stadnicka, we handed over 10 high-end laptops. Shortly after the meeting, the purchased equipment was sent to Fastiv, a city in Ukraine, in the Kyiv oblast. From there, the Polish volunteers handed over the equipment to the war-stricken towns outside of Kyiv.

Talented children grow up in various homes. Sometimes parents are unable to help them develop their interests. We are the leading IT company which developed in Poland 30 years ago owing to the passion of talented and ambitious people. Therefore, we consider helping children to acquire digital competences our duty.

Jarosław Chyła

Director of the Legal and Communications Department of Comp S.A.

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